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“The number one benefit of information technology is that
it empowers people to do what they want to do.
It lets people be creative.
It lets people be productive.
It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before,
and so, in a sense it is all about potential.”

-Steve Ballmer



New Motorola’s Razr 5G is most likely to be more durable than its predecessor

Don’t let us down this time, Motorola. Motorola’s first attempt at a foldable Razr refresh was a flop. The company is back to fix right its wrongs with the new Razr 5G, with features upgrades across the board i.e. from better cameras to a stronger hinge or a bigger battery.

Artificial Intelligence Can Serve Your Customers

Empower customer self-service by enabling chatbots to serve guided, step-by-step workflows right within the chat. Team can brain storm on the workflows which would be easy for customers to follow.

Technology vs Consumer Vs insights

In a recent meeting with one the most dynamic business tycoon, I met in a decade, asked me: What do you think about the possibility that robots will take over the jobs of nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals? OR Artificial intelligence will control the world within a couple of years? I answered that my […]

4 Reasons You’re Wasting Time at Work and What You Need Do

We waste time at work, whether it’s on purpose or by accident. Luckily, G Suite can help you accomplish more at work, quicker. Here are 4 signs you’re spending time on the wrong things, and tips on how to avoid wasting time at work. 1. You’ve spent more time emailing co-workers than you have actually […]