During the lockdown during Covid-19, in Malaysia we did not had the right sort of convenience of getting fresh meat, chicken or poultry supplied available via e-commerce engines. SOFTNET took the initiative and helped those fresh veggie and fruit sellers to embark on the multivendor ecommerce platforms such as segar2you or pasar2you. It was a new learning curve for those people and exploring the platforms to sell the perishable goods delivered to us same day.

With groceries supplied at our doorstep every week, significant transformations has taken place in these months and we advise its time to fasten the seatbelt because more changes are coming soon. People have been taking online yoga classes now, waking up five minutes before zoom meetings, and ordering everything online! Post pandemic life will not be the same and technology is forever evolving.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is something to keep an eye on as it allows companies to support their customers’ needs in a whole new way; from automated messages to visual search. The use of AI by service organisations and businesses is projected to grow 143% over the next 18 months. AI-powered Chatbots greatly improve both the customer’s experience and the company’s productivity.

A client of SOFTNET shared that they have more than 5,000 whatsapp messages received everyday and they wanted a solution such as AI for customer service to free up the employees and give them more time for complex, human interactions. Whatsapp for Business with right chat bot was the solution we built and reduced the burden of replying to standard questions. With AI only complex conversations were pushed to them which automation could not handle.

Usually we train customer service employees to be friendly, greeting customers by name and to pull information of their membership status or tier of service before hand. We all know that AI interface can do the same thing. since many customers do not want to fill out forms online or wait for hours to get a response but they prefer immediate answers and assistance. Chatbots attend to your customers’ individual needs right away in interactive ways by giving instant replies for enquiry compared to hours or days on normal enquiry.

With this we can transform static and boring enquiry form or FAQ’s to a more interactive, conversation-like interaction. Empower customer self-service by enabling chatbots to serve guided, step-by-step workflows right within the chat. Team can brain storm on the workflows which would be easy for customers to follow. Once you’ve identified a few simplified workflows you can program bots to walk customers through the workflow from start to finish. It can be an interactive step by step guideline for problem resolution.

In the case of complex issues, the chatbot can hand off the conversation to a person. The customer service person will not need to ask as many questions as usual, since the chatbot has captured some customer information already. Now, your team can focus on more complicated case resolutions and chatbots can handle simpler problems.